​​Our trial lawyers use all kinds of risk management tools in order to prevent possible criminal prosecution, and defend the clients in case prosecution occurs:

  • Counselling, analysis, defence strategy development for private clients, legal representatives of the companies and other lawyers, issuing expert statements both in the pre-investigation period and in the process of investigation and trial.
  • Defending suspects and defendants before the trial - throughout both preliminary investigation and investigation period.
  • Defence in first instance courts, including jury trials
  • Defence and legal representation in appellate courts and courts of cassation. 

Majority of our cases involve fraud, corruption, bribery, violations of competition laws and tax crimes. However our team has experience in dealing with almost all categories of crime mentioned in the Russian Criminal code. Besides, if a case requires, we bring in experts from different fields, e.g. criminalists, graphologists, detectives. 

If you need help, don’t hesitate to call us on  +7 (495) 151-10-07.