Defence of suspects and defendants during investigation

Usually the main subjects of the external pressure from the law enforcement bodies are top-managers, business owners and officials. However, no one is immune to a suspicion or an accusation of a criminal offence. 

We represent the interests of our clients while pre-investigations, operative searching activities, investigations and procedural acts are being executed by appropriate law-enforcement agencies and fiscal authorities. 

Our trial lawyers have defended people accused in all types of criminal offenses.  
We act in the best interests of the clients from the very first contacts with the officials of state bodies, since both the level of discomfort during the proceeding and its outcome highly depend on timely support of experts. 

During the pre-investigation check our goal is to assist professionally in resolving any existing disagreements, which may result in the decision not to initiate criminal prosecution.  

In case prosecution occurs, our trial lawyers will do everything possible to keep the proceeding constructive and non-conflictual throughout all prosecution activities, such as interrogations, confrontations, searches, etc. We also make sure that all the negative consequences of the prosecution will be minimized. 

Whether you are a suspect, a defendant, a witness or an injured party, an experienced trial lawyer will ensure that your legal rights and interests are respected during the investigation.