Defence in a first instance court

If a criminal case has been sent to court to be heard on its merits, the defence has plenty of legitimate opportunities to affect the process during the trial. Without a doubt, an experienced trial lawyer can use this potential to its maximum.

For more than 20 years we have been defending our clients in courts, including jury trials. 

Thorough development of tactics and strategy of judicial protection and adherence to it during the selection of defence witnesses, cross-examination of prosecution witnesses, timely submission of motions, choice of optimal course of defendant’s actions, cogent statements at the debates - all these steps serve one goal, to minimize the consequences of criminal prosecution for every client we work with.  

If a verdict of the first instance court for some reason is too severe and disproportionate to the alleged offences, we will always recommend our defendant to continue pursuing justice in appeal, cassation or supervisory courts. If the defendant agrees, we will continue our work.