Defence and representation of interests in appellate courts and courts of cassation

As we all know, it’s possible to lose a battle, but win the war.

If there is a chance that a sentence of the first instance court can be reduced due to certain circumstances, it’s always worth to appeal it as unlawful, unfounded or unjust.

And even if the defence is satisfied with the sentence, it’s necessary to wait until the decision gains legal force: the opportunity to challenge a verdict of the first instance court gives a chance to both the defence and the prosecution. In the event of appeal or complaint made by the opposite party, a trial lawyer will need to disprove it. 

If you are not satisfied with the court decision and in case you would like to get an independent counselling, expert assistance or legal defence in the court of appeal or the cassation court, contact us by phone or e-mail - and we will do our best to help you.