Legal advice on criminal matters

In the field of criminal law one mistake can cost a person’s fate.  As every other part of the law, criminal law is constantly transforming and being affected by interpretations and circumstances of specific cases. 

To respond appropriately in each specific case, it’s very important to get a professional counselling in a timely manner. 

If the focus is on preventive measures while there is a concern regarding potential criminal penalties, you might need a criminal risks assessment and audit. This is especially effective at the stage when law enforcement agencies are still unaware of potential violations or in the very beginning of the conflict situation. 

If things are not going in the right direction, our lawyers will carefully examine the prospects, analyze the documentation and advice on the best ways to reduce your risks. 

If the law-enforcement agencies has already started pre-investigation or investigation itself, or if the case reached the trial, we can commit ourselves to your defence or help your attorneys by providing our expertise.